About Me

Why Honey?

I grew up in Southwest Georgia at a time when biscuits were on the table three times a day. I figured out early on that there is nothing much better on this earth than a perfectly cooked biscuit, slathered with real butter and drizzled with honey. I can still remember the taste and the texture…the hot, flaky biscuit with the golden nectar drizzling over the sides.

And on May 28, 2014, I learned that there is truly nothing better on this earth than a grandchild. Evans Catherine “Evie” Carr was born that day, and she calls me Honey. She is expecting a sibling in July, and I suspect that baby will call me Honey as well.

So honey is special to me…memories of childhood, the love of a child, the hope of tomorrow.

The Bible says in Proverbs 16:24, Pleasant words are a honeycomb, Sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

I started this blog to create a place where kindness, and hope and beauty are celebrated. A place where faith is the centerpiece of a life well lived.

So welcome to Honey Talk, a place to explore life reimagined. I will share ideas and techniques to inspire you to live larger through doing all those things you love to do but are afraid to try. Like tackling you own decorating project, or entertaining, or cooking or traveling to some of the world’s most awesome locations.

And we will talk a lot about faith. And friendship. And family. I hope you’ll join me in this faith journey, and that along the way, you’ll find life-giving encouragement and fulfillment through reimagining your life and doing it God’s way.