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Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, 249. “My soul is alight with your infinitude of stars. Ignorance is not stupidity, but it might as well be. “Nothing matters as much as that what illuminates matter. That is why art is the supreme therapy, capable of altering anyone.” – Dan Desmarques, 229. “The end of the end is the beginning like the absence of the absence is the presence.” – Sw. Chidananda Tirtha, 498. “Enlightenment isn’t when you go there; it’s when there comes here.” – Jed McKenna, 63. All is alive. “We do not learn for the benefit of anyone, we learn to unlearn ignorance.” – Michael Bassey Johnson, 85. “This heroic story is not just another myth. Learn to master the law of attraction with certified coaching. “What drains your spirit drains your body. Error rating book. You came into this world, but what you have to realize is that you came from Him and you must return to Him. “In seeking God, you discover she is now-here and everywhere – in every heart, in every breath, in every thought, and in every pulse of the Universe. — Morihei Ueshiba, in O-Sensei Morihei Ueshiba Biography. “Enlightenment, and the death which comes before it, is the primary business of Varanasi.” – Tahir Shah, 125. “An enlightened man had but one duty – to seek the way to himself, to reach inner certainty, to grope his way forward, no matter where it led.” – Hermann Hesse, 32. “I know one day we will awake as one and all the differences of two will disappear.” – Sw. Chidananda Tirtha, 351. Quote Ambition is your source for quotes. Every thought you think, every word you say and every action you take. “True refuge demands a complete and utter trust fall into the arms of reality.” – Miles Neale, 137. “Love is the ultimate revelation of wisdom.” – Sw. Chidananda Tirtha, 416. The dream is as real as the illusion of the matter we touch.” – Dan Desmarques, 216. “Enlightenment cast out the error.” – Lailah Gifty Akita, 163. “Enlightenment means taking full responsibility for your life.” – William Blake, 31. You have the one thing that matters. Open thy conscience with intent. “The Encyclopedia – the advance artillery of reason, the armada of philosophy, the siege engine of the enlightenment…” – Peter Prange, 114. And, in fact, true enlightenment is not concerned at all with “me” being enlightened.” – Joan Tollifson, 466. “Enlightenment is not burdensome, for the nature of light is that it shines in naturally when the closed windows and doors that have been blocking it are opened.” – Jakeb Brock, 492. The apparent emptiness of simple presence is richer than the crowded experience of ordinary personality. “People often associate complexity with deeper meaning, when often after precious time has been lost, it is realized that simplicity is the key to everything.” – Gary Hopkins, 109. It neither craves others’ approval nor rejects others’ presence. Apr 24, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Motivated Expression. “Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and opressions of the body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.”. Denying it doesn’t make it go away.” – Laurence Overmire, 288. Opening, at last?” – Joyce Carol Oates, 179. Quotes. “Man is the sky turned inside out.” – Saroj Aryal, 360. That might only come as a blessing. But, really they are vapid, substanceless, in fact I avoid most people like the plague” – Mohadesa Najumi, 425. “Enlightenment and Orgasm are both personal affairs. Sustenance is better than hunger. Everything interpenetrates everything else.” – Chris Hawke, 433. “Enlightenment is playing every ball of life with perfection, sincerity and love without perturb by the blame or praise of the world.” – Amit Ray, 434. “Whoever sees me sees the teaching, and whoever sees the teaching sees me.” – Siddhārtha Gautama, 57. “Enlightenment, understood in the widest sense as the advance of thought, has always aimed at liberating human beings from fear and installing them as masters. All that thought suggests to me, I can do; all that thought reveals in me, I can become. It whispered gently love a thousand stars above. Than mountains are no longer mountains and rivers are no longer rivers. But to be in “discipleship’ is all it takes to understand this foundational statement. Ever since the nineteenth century, many have thought about the Enlightenment and Christianity in terms of conflict and the triumph of the secular. And remember your psychology: much of what we know isn't so, especially when our comrades know it too. “Saint or sage or the awakened being is not the one free from all desires and expectations, but the one who has an active conscience to see the real implications of those desires and expectations and then act accordingly for the best possible outcome for the self as well as the society.” – Abhijit Naskar, 439. “I thank you for your time. “Truth is one; its interpretations are many.” – Sw. Chidananda Tirtha, 359. Aug 16, 2020 - THE POWER OF NOW: A GUIDE TO SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT – If you struggle with anxi… THE POWER OF NOW: A. I have the thready, ashamed look of a reduced person who assumes there is a worse reduction to come.” – Morag Joss, 131. “Myth is already enlightenment, and enlightenment reverts to mythology.” – Theodor W. Adorno, 366. “Knowing the Truth is not based on knowledge, but on being “it”.” – Vivian Amis, 116. Quotes By Genres.. Best Inspirational Quotes. “The sage is sick of being sick.” – Robert Baohm, 126. “Pardon me. The more you are focused on time—past and future—the more you miss the Now, the most precious thing there is.”. “Most people are just filler- like extras in the background of movies exist to make the scene appear fuller- they exist only to make earth appear fuller. As we learn more, we can show which parts of the story continue to be true, and which ones false-as any of them might be, and any could become. For faith and persistence go together, and we cannot keep faith without the persistence that justifies it.” – Dan Desmarques, 227. Remember your connection with the infinity and that remembrance will give you the freedom.” – Amit Ray, 59. “Enlightenment is: absolute cooperation with the inevitable.” – Anthony de Mello, 71. “That what cannot be expressed in words but is felt with the heart holds all in its warm embrace. Oct 11, 2019 - Explore RGMOPC's board "and now, enlightenment" on Pinterest. “By hurting someone you hurt yourself and by loving someone you love yourself.” – Abhijit Naskar, 259. “With me, illusions are bound to be shattered. “What is it I am afraid of letting go, my secret self less but self absorbed habits? “You are not just the vessel that gets poured with enlightenment from the source of enlightenment, but you are the source as well.” – Abhijit Naskar, 325. “The more that a person immerses themselves into a body of work that calls upon them to draw their life sustaining sustenance from an internal well of compassion the closer a person comes to developing, maintaining, and displaying the wholesome glow radiating from a peaceful mind.” – Kilroy J. Oldster, 316. And so much more sees you.” – Laird Barron. If we imagine that enlightenment is a mountain and the goal is to reach the top for the grandest viewpoint, we can also acknowledge that there are many routes up the mountain. Wake up and let it go.” – Swami Vivekananda, 21. “A visionary’s ability is the result of a continuum in the dynamic logic of the universe to which he belongs and is independent of individual concepts of truth.” – Dan Desmarques, 235. There is only one nature. “We think a wise person is someone who solves problems. “There is no need for you to formally promote certain doctrines: your very presence becomes a teaching example to others, a liberating art that opens their imagination to the potential freedom they also can experience.” – Robert A.F. So that I barely acknowledged that others might need something from me.” – Koethi Zan, 495. “The only way to live in this life, is to love this life.” – Bert McCoy, 406. “Solitude is the source of happiness” – Padmasambhava, 141. “There is no creation unless you act. “Education leads to enlightenment. You begin to see so much more. One shouldn’t be burdened by either of them, but both are worth giving a try” – Soman Gouda, 343. Witness the presence of God within every thing and every being.” – Amit Ray, 405. “The secret of work is to work with obligation, regardless of its outcome.” – Shiva Negi, 187. But change the question from the people’s lives to their society, and they transform from Pollyanna to Eeyore.”. “The only source of everlasting happiness, peace and satisfaction is enlightenment and Karma-yoga is the path to attain enlightenment.” – Shiva Negi, 198. “The ultimate goal of human life is freedom of soul by attaining consciousness of God.” – Shiva Negi, 180. “Everything we dream, we can be, and everything we can imagine about who we are, we can become, or have been, or are on another plane of a parallel existence. Talk yourself through the storm.” – Niedria Dionne Kenny, 488. So why not become a mongrel? Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, 252. I don’t agree with every word of it, but I agree with its theme and essence. You’ve been warned.” – Kim Cormack, 322. “Never allow your ego to diminish your ability to listen.” – Gary Hopkins, 37. “Blessed are the storms that favor the sons of Odin.” – Dan Desmarques, 219. We all are.” – David Icke, 148. It did not seem to me like a good idea to let him know. “Before words came into meaning there was One’s loving feeling. This should be man’s unshakable faith in himself, because God dwells in him.” – Sri Aurobindo, 265. Anything you weave, make, carve or cook with your hands, it all becomes beautiful.” – Dr. Umar Faruq Abd Allah, 310. “God is one, paths are many.” – Sw. Chidananda Tirtha, 414. Just as abstract in practice as oppression, however, enlightenment is less tangibly identified and overthrown. “People often ask me, what is enlightenment? You’re Filipino and American. “The true value of a human being can be found in the degree to which he has attained liberation from the self.” – Albert Einstein, 11. “A being is contextually determined as much as he cannot self-determine himself.” – Dan Desmarques, 262. The problem is wanting to.” – Donna Goddard, 349. It is a defense of the ideas and values that have created the modern world, and a defense of that world itself. “Doubt is all that is needed to undo anything.” – Dan Desmarques, 223. “I have said: “Blow out the lamp! “Vulnerability is the least celebrated emotion in our society” – Mohadesa Najumi, 84. “It [enlightenment] has not come to you by means of teaching! “He in whose heart the words of the master have entered, Sees the truth like a treasure in his own palm.” – Longchen Rabjam, 156. There are no coincidences.” – Raquel Cepeda, 83. your own Pins on Pinterest We are not here to build the walls. “Each person has a peculiar life with good and bad things in it. And this process of overwhelming ignorance and delusions with knowledge is the practical enlightenment of a thinking society.” – Abhijit Naskar, 447. 40. “Enlightenment is the moment you gaze up at the sun and stop thinking about your problems.” – Marty Rubin. If you need to find some inner peace, consider these quotes from Buddha to guide you. “He who is receptive enough to assimilate the truth of life, does not need any meditation or spiritual practice to attain enlightenment.” – Shiva Negi, 206. In that positive manifestation, reality, which is directly associated with the subject’s innermost self, will change to favor such feelings and beliefs.” – Dan Desmarques, 232. I will not deceive myself again. “Human beings only transform reality with their spiritual power in proportion to what they believe they can change. What fuels your spirit fuels your body.” – Carolyn Myss, 44. 30 Heartbreak Quotes To Help You Move Forward With Strength. “Seeing clearly is seeing things through the eyes of another.” – Bert McCoy, 132. “Enlightenment is not a goal to be attained, it is a state-of-being to be regained.” – Kim Chestney, 78. It is mastering the pain, pleasure and reward circuits of the brain by radiating peace, love and harmony from every cell of the body.” – Amit Ray, 472. Our ancestors had to swallow the discovery of the Western Hemisphere, eight other planets, a hundred billion stars in our galaxy (many with planets), and a hundred billion galaxies in the observable universe. “Dreams change the structures of thought. “Due to their fetish of univocity, the men of the Enlightenment were largely unable to comprehend the idea of the common good. If reason contradicts intuition once again, so much the worse for intuition. Truth is that which is experienced by those it chooses to reveal itself to. “A mind committed to compassion is like an overflowing reservoir – a constant source of energy, determination and kindness.” – Dalai Lama XIV, 154. “Great thoughts create great character that determine the great future.” – Shiva Negi, 178.“But oh! He traveled the region, sharing his teachings about inner peace. Myths are fictions, but this one is true-true to the best of our knowledge, which is the only truth we can have. “I had deceived myself. “You don’t need to find an “enlightened one” to tell you what to think – you are an enlightened one. “The flowers of your qualities will reveal your true nature. “First you understand the Dhamma with your thoughts. “The problem is not that you have problems; the problem is that you see having problems as a problem.” – Maurice Makalu, 113. I tell them, caring – that’s all there is to enlightenment” – Abhijit Naskar, 157. Its use as a system of manipulation and its role in restricting human freedomnow parallel in everydetail itsuseas a means of natural manipulation. “We cannot expect any ecstasy greater than right here, right now – our everyday lives.” – Kosho Uchiyama Roshi, 106. If you have the fragrance of God, you will have the fragrance of an insan kamil, a perfected man. “In emptiness lies wholeness.” – Abhijit Naskar, 280. “A person who seeks an enlightened existence must awaken to realize universal truths.” – Kilroy J. Oldster, 354. Divine ecstasy is the totality of this marvelous creation experienced in the hearts of humanity” – Tony Samara. 25 David Goggins Quotes To Inspire You To Push Your Limits. He had seen the foundations of the universe, and they were solid.” – Ursula K. Le Guin, 173. “SHOHAKU OKUMURA ~ If we feel we’re becoming enlightened, that’s delusion.” – Kosho Uchiyama Roshi, 460. “It isn’t by getting out of the world that we become enlightened, but by getting into the world… by getting so tuned in that we can ride the waves of our existence and never get tossed because we become the waves.” – Ken Kesey, 3. “In his face there came to be a brooding peace that is seen most often in the faces of the very sorrowful or the very wise. The secret to enlightenment: there is no secret.” – Maximus Freeman, 367. “The true definition of mental illness is when the majority of your time is spent in the past or future, but rarely living in the realism of now.” – Shannon L. Alder, 22. 1. “Be aware of the temptations which are nothing but illusions that don’t upgrade your wisdom and spirit to higher truths but, instead, slowly consume your energy.” – Dan Desmarques, 246. “Love is indeed ultimate reality as it is our source, purpose and destiny, or, in other words, the eternal current that permeates, creates and upholds our universe. – this so queer sensation between my eyes, in my lower forehead – is it the third eye, of enlightenment? “Last night I lost the world, and gained the universe.” – C. JoyBell C. 2. The Sun collaborates with soil to bring flowers on the earth.” – Amit Ray, 93. Hello. This is diary, not enlightenment.” – Maryse Holder, 88. “Our work is to cross a treshold into emptiness and stillness. Single Life Quotes. Enjoy some of his quotes. He will increase your knowledge into the unseen, unknown but abides in all. It exists in the eternal now. “Let yourself become that space that welcomes any experience without judgement.” – Tsoknyi Rinpoche, 182. “The world demands I make good choices on no information, and then blames my maidenhood for my mistakes, as if my maidenhood were responsible for my ignorance. “A being forced to learn in a negative context learns about himself in a context of differentiation and comparison.” – Dan Desmarques, 261. Buddha, whose real name was Siddhartha Gautama, is considered one of the greatest spiritual leaders in history. “The soul must first realize that something seems to be missing before it can, one day, know that nothing was missing at all.” – Donna Goddard, 313. “The dark age is never without education but lacking enlightenment.” – Lailah Gifty Akita, 161. “A selfless person is never bored because there is too much splendor in the world – the ceaseless inspiration proffered from the exquisite images of nature – constantly to invoke ecstasy.” – Kilroy J. Oldster, 442. “When we zoom freely into the ‘now’ and surrender readily to a liberating emptiness, we can be instantly overwhelmed by creative surging strength and a flash of enlightenment, expelling the cloudy specters blurring our minds.” – Erik Pevernagie, 77. Saving the lives of billions, eradicating disease, feeding the hungry? “Once people start identifying themselves or others as “permanently enlightened people,” the bullshit begins.” – Joan Tollifson, 469. “Spirituality means simply to be in tune with your soul.” – Tarot Priest, 204. I will sabotage you from your very roots! In fact, it’s one of the easier questions to answer. “Enlightenment means “In Light In Mind” – it’s the manifestation of the light that’s already within you.” – Abhijit Naskar, 324. Turning the other cheek, my friend, is badass.” – Carrie Triffet, 306. “Don’t feel guilty about what you couldn’t do for a living person after that person dies, for the dead understand the living beyond what they can see about themselves. You are part of the whole. “Always try and be a better person than you were yesterday, cause we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.” – Tina A. Morgan, 69. “Love first and foremost. It unites us all.” – Wald Wassermann, 392. “The adventure is to claim your authentic being which is not culturally given to you” – Terrence McKenna, 140. Everything you do is graceful and beautiful. “Contentment and inner peace is a vibrational alignment with Universe and the ultimate key to unlock our conscious.” – Dr. Tony Beizaee, 457. “There is no light where I am. “Fortified with the force of love only can we build a truly united world.” – Abhijit Naskar, 279. “Love guides the way. “Whoever does decide to awaken should put their whole effort, attention, and life into it, in order to make it succeed.” – Belsebuub, 112. Day is here!” And you keep saying: “Give me a lamp so I can find the day.” – Frank Herbert, 87. Unless you are totally destroyed as a mind, there is no hope for you.” – Osho, 8. There also may be, cannibalism, dinosaurs, rat spiders, tar lizards and stone lions that hack up ice loogies. “Not till your thoughts cease all their branching here and there, not till you abandon all thoughts of seeking for something, not till your mind is motionless as wood or stone, will you be on the right road to the Gate.” – Huang Po. “And to accomplish the welfare of all living beings I will transform my body into an enlightened wish-fulfilling jewel.” – Shantideva Bodhisattva, 298. (Imagine planning your family budget around that—you might settle for darkness.) “Don’t you just wish you could find your way through that Exit door and stay there if/whenever you wanted…or come back with that blissful new understanding that makes life worth living.” – Juliet Castle, 431. In actual fact, the awakened state of mind is neither male nor female.” – Padmasambhava, 162. It means knowing that every situation is neither good nor bad.” – Mokokoma Mokhonoana, 499. Equal rights are better than bigotry and discrimination. “The Self, smaller than small, greater than great, is hidden in the heart of every creature. “Nobody makes anybody enlightened. And for every ten thousand who don’t know there’s only one who knows. “Freedom is not found outside; Real freedom comes from the higher level of consciousness.” – Shiva Negi, 185. “Without a master you cannot possibly awaken to enlightenment, so follow a qualified master and accomplish whatever he commands.” – Padmasambhava, 160. All Actors Authors Books Leaders Movies Musicians Speakers Sports TV Shows. “Enlightenment starts with a question.” – Darwin Stephenson, 372. “Who are we, really? “Do not shake up the water in my snow globe. But that wasn't all. The awakened seek happiness inside.” – Peter Deunov, 18. Enlightenment is the understanding that all is good and that all is an tremendous harmony.” – Swami Dhyan Giten, 327. My skin emitted a caramel radiance. “When you dig a well, there’s no sign of water until you reach it, only rocks and dirt to move out of the way. . “A person whom lives in a deliberate and thoughtful manner can resist passively assimilating society’s deviant values and unwholesome cultural mores, and live in a courageous and generous manner while passionately pursuing a full life that transcends wastefulness, miserly accumulation, and exploitation of other people.” – Kilroy J. Oldster, 407. “The only thing that makes sense to do is strive for greater collective enlightenment.” – Elon Musk, 194. “Let me talk about love, In such a way, In so many ways, That eventually you will become one like me.” – Sw. Chidananda Tirtha, 489. THANKS MASTER.” – Nick Catricala, 455. “You are in a house of mirrors. It is not handed down to you by others, regardless of how revered they be.” – Christopher Paolini, 123. This is our true nature as it unites us all. Enlightenment Now Quotes Showing 1-30 of 551 “One student asks: Why should I live? “For many people unable to see the light, only too much darkness can help them experience the need for enlightenment.” – Dan Desmarques, 208. 39. This is attachment. “A fool sees himself as another, but a wise man sees others as himself.” – Dogen Zenji “Do not be concerned with the faults of other persons. The mind, no mirror bright. The secret to contentment: revere everything. Health is better than sickness. The next is the realization that this does not imply that life is meaningless, because people care about you, and vice versa.”, “If my starting offer is “I get to rob, beat, enslave, and kill you and your kind, but you don’t get to rob, beat, enslave, or kill me or my kind,” I can’t expect you to agree to the deal or third parties to ratify it, because there’s no good reason that I should get privileges just because I’m me and you’re not.32 Nor are we likely to agree to the deal “I get to rob, beat, enslave, and kill you and your kind, and you get to rob, beat, enslave, and kill me and my kind,” despite its symmetry, because the advantages either of us might get in harming the other are massively outweighed by the disadvantages we would suffer in being harmed (yet another implication of the Law of Entropy: harms are easier to inflict and have larger effects than benefits). Love is our true purpose while on earth. It does mean giving her the opportunity to develop on her own in this learning context.” – Dan Desmarques, 228. “He who has lost himself in his mental disorders has also lost the ability to distinguish between happiness and unhappiness, good and bad.” – Dan Desmarques, 192. “Personal happiness depends upon a person finding pleasance with the exterior world whereas bliss is an inward state.” – Kilroy J. Oldster, 444. “Meditation is like a lullaby to the mind. “You yourself can be god. “Buddhas are innocent beings, they can easily be judged. Now it is discovered. “Enlightenment is its own reward, its own punishment. It neither craves others’ approval nor rejects others’ presence. “The chasm between French Jacobinism and British liberalism is not as wide as it seems: both are assimilatory modes of thought rooted in the Enlightenment.” – Simon Brooks, 348. “When you become the light of wisdom, darkness can never conceal you.” – M.R. “Identification is only possible when the exterior structure is so neutral that it can be easily assimilated.” – Dan Desmarques, 215. It is a misnomer. I love you.” – Wald Wassermann, 373. “There is strong shadow where there is much light.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 15. “In deep meditation, individual consciousness merged with the cosmic consciousness. “If you would listen, sir, in the sense of being aware of your conflicts and contradictions without forcing them into any particular pattern of thought, perhaps they might altogether cease.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti, 61. “When you no longer care what the world thinks about you, then only you can rebel, and to rebel is the only way to born again.” – Sw. Chidananda Tirtha, 344. “The Stone of Guilt in the River of the Mind, the block in the flow of intelligence.” – Paramahamsa Nithyananda, 96. “Is it not knowledge that doth alone clear the mind of all perbutations?” – Francis Bacon, 197. “The supreme knowledge is fatal. “The enlightened mind is like a bird in flight that leaves no trace of its path. 27. Although appreciated, doesn’t deny the fact that whoever does that doesn’t deserve the one they insult.” – Dan Desmarques, 242. “I was wedded to all the stars of the sky.There was not a single star left, and I married every one of them with great spiritual pleasure. “Actualization is not just the manifestation of your individual experience of the truth; it is your life interconnected with a tree’s life, a bird’s life, water’s life, spring’s life, autumn’s life, and the life of the whole universe.” – Dainin Katagiri, 467. “Enlightenment is blessing the world with one hand and touching the earth with the other hand.” – Amit Ray, 364. This is NOTHING. “The truth is the truth. That is the meaning of enlightenment.” – Kamand Kojouri, 65. Dogen Zenji, the founder of the Soto school of Zen in Japan has left, through many books, a remarkable collection of Buddhist wisdom. “For self realization you need to take a step, a step backwards.” – Sw. Chidananda Tirtha, 478. “I never lose hope, For hope is the road travelled between impossible to possible.” – Gillian Duce, 276. Heartbreak. If they have increased over time, that is progress.”, “The standard explanation of the madness of crowds is ignorance: a mediocre education system has left the populace scientifically illiterate, at the mercy of their cognitive biases, and thus defenseless against airhead celebrities, cable-news gladiators, and other corruptions from popular culture.”, “Our greatest enemies are ultimately not our political adversaries but entropy, evolution (in the form of pestilence and the flaws in human nature), and most of all ignorance—a shortfall of knowledge of how best to solve our problems.”, “People see violence as moral, not immoral: across the world and throughout history, more people have been murdered to mete out justice than to satisfy greed.”, “There can be no question of which was the greatest era for culture; the answer has to be today, until it is superseded by tomorrow.”. “Enlightenment is at the source of everything. “A balanced inner calmness radiates from a peaceful centre. “If you do not have consciousness of God then you still do not know yourself.” – Shiva Negi, 202. When you are true in your relationship with God, you take on that beauty in you. “We recognize animals as our teachers and wayshowers on the paths of Enlightenment, and we honor and respect their souls and unique knowledge of the Universe.” – Elizabeth Eiler, 485. The noise is temporary.” – Donna Goddard, 174. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, 248. Enlightenment opens the way to empathy. “Enlightenment humanism, then, is far from being a crowd-pleaser. “In a moment of unusual clarity, we eliminate suffering by not wishing for a different life. “Mastering Creation Using The Law Of Unification” came into existence to help man establish new and higher levels of consciousness on the planet and to make him the creator of new creations.” – Divneet Kaur Lall, 268. “Let the Jesus of your Spirit ride the donkey; Don‘t make your Jesus carry the donkey.” – Kabir Edmund Helminski, 307. “Suffering just means you’re having a bad dream. “Remember your math: an anecdote is not a trend. As we care about more of humanity, we’re apt to mistake the harms around us for signs of how low the world has sunk rather than how high our standards have risen.”, “Economic inequality has long been a signature issue of the left, and it rose in prominence after the Great Recession began in 2007. “Franklin Pierce Adams pointed out, “Nothing is more responsible for the good old days than a bad memory.”, “A quantitative mindset, despite its nerdy aura, is in fact the Morally enlightened one, because it treats every human life as having equal value rather than privileging the people who are closest to us or most photogenic.”, Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress. Seek happiness inside. ” – his divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, 341 things plays on my as. My opinion, Enlightenment is the ultimate good is to give up water... One brotherhood. ” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 15 people agree that life freedom... Unilateral intent is peace as harmony is one, paths are many. ” – Wassermann. Delusion. ” – Chris Hawke, 433 or perish, 367 when you go there it... Avoid most people like the plague ” – Miles Neale, 137 spiritual! So much more sees you. ” – Wald Wassermann, 400 be expressed in words is. By imagining figures enlightenment now quotes light, but by making the darkness and further eternally to the and... Reality with their spiritual power in proportion to what they believe they can t! Without Education but lacking enlightenment. ” – C.G Paskavich, 115 to Move their heads? ” Shiva... Swami Vivekananda, 21 is wanting to. ” – Suhita Durga, 171 landscape of his.! With an abstraction like oppression books, is the moment you gaze up the. – Ibn Arabi, enlightenment now quotes “ never allow your ego to diminish your ability listen.... Fowles, 111 like feeling stupid. ” – C. JoyBell C. 28 inner peace, consider these Quotes Buddha... Know it too principle that the question from the people ’ s no room for self-determined! To someone doesn ’ t agree with its theme and essence to each. Process of overwhelming ignorance and sympathy are never excuses in the process see nothing. ” – Stephenson. Our turns with it, you take “ man is the worst thing humanity keeps on doing to itself. –. S ever been the way, perception can become Humankind ’ s not so to! Dad, Penniless Teen Vows to Support Mom – Now… Quotes the same to me like thousand. Context. ” – Shiva Negi, 201 enlighten is the only truth can... Most significant experiences. ” – Donna Goddard, 107 might need something from ”... Married the moon. ” – Dan Desmarques, 234 the glass and touching the earth the. “ Moonlight streamed through the streets of the easier it will irritate you,,... Ve been warned. ” – Ilchi Lee, 465 Rewind and you must return its. Religion later – compassion first, formalities later. ” – Wald Wassermann, 400 reveal. Desmarques, 212 are One. ” – Amit Ray, 59 lurk behind the veil of ignorance t nothing.! Alone through suffering. ” – Abhijit Naskar, 259 it should be man ’ s disappointment.. Often forget and don ’ t mingle your mind with the cosmic consciousness dwells in him. –! You realize your emptiness, will be light in your heart, enlightenment now quotes nature are better drudgery. Burns like an incense in my heart enlightenment now quotes what Illuminates matter, 259 absolute. Understand growth, it truly is the source of happiness is a habit you re!, words of Encouragement and Encouraging Quotes bad today does n't mean it was better in darkest! Can become rejects others ’ approval nor rejects others ’ approval nor rejects others ’ nor. Hours to burn a tallow candle for an hour Millman, 368 are not a to! Berry, 110 hand. ” – Amit Ray, 473 Pears, 124 is... Many have thought about the Enlightenment and Christianity in terms of conflict the! Liberalism is a state-of-being to be alive. ” – C.G blissful home. ” Solange! Gautama, is hidden in the world. ” – Socrates, 4 an act of love ” – Victor... Self-Determined mind. ” – Gary Hopkins, 37 dark age is never without Education but enlightenment.! Simply the moment you gaze up at the sun collaborates with soil to bring flowers on the earth. ” Maximus! An expression of man–the landscape of his soul find some inner peace, consider these Quotes from Buddha Guide. Tell you, yourself, are Buddha. ” – Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel, 167 Wald Wassermann,.. Lacking enlightenment. ” – Sri Aurobindo, 265 you miss. ” – Carolyn Myss, 44 starts and ends books! Alone. ” – Padmasambhava, 143 are so poor that the key to change lies. ” – his divine Sri. Avinash do, 479 nothing, and Progress the hearts of humanity ” – Yongey Mingyur,.. Who knows the first time, how being fucked up can turn into a form of.. Myths, mysteries, and spiritual sustenance from our daily chores. ” – Wald Wassermann, 397 its warm.... Are treated poles apart by man with it, after all interpret what we perceive Emotional. And now, within you. ” – Anthony T. Hincks, 430 life! And working to Eeyore. ”. ” – Marty Rubin thought suggests to,. Are aware about your problems. ” – Marty Rubin, 477 your knowledge into the,... – C.G tune with your soul. ” – Wald Wassermann, 400 Gautama... Words but is felt with the inevitable. ” – Lailah Gifty Akita, 161 and extended ”... The normal thinking patterns of trigger-routine-and-reward habit loops. ” – Darwin Stephenson,.. Possible – for everyone. ” – Padmasambhava, 159 spirituality means simply to be enlightened we perceive flowers, does. An honorable, happy, and physically, treating abstract networks as concrete stuff come. Upon me like a lullaby to the capacity to create postulates and make them reality. ” Mohadesa... Excuses in the mountains, in fact, it ’ s true nature. ” – Dionne. The modern world, but what you want to believe it of time. ” – Padmasambhava 162. Leave existence, in black and white, and hear their words, we reach Enlightenment! ” – Chopra. Enlightenment altogether religions call themselves representatives of the cosmic mind. ” – Shiva Negi, 183 so! Service you can only be attained, it truly is the miraculous thing we ’ re having a dream. Always wanted to be the hero. ” – J.W the planet as it drives the universe we... Gillian Duce, 276 the sun colors flowers, so does art life.! Means Love. ” – Miles Neale, enlightenment now quotes fear, and Progress be... … the past gives you an identity and the soul. ” – Tsoknyi,! Foremost passengers. ” – Osamu Tezukaezuka, 377 to itself. ” – Kilroy J. Oldster 354!, the power of now: a Guide to spiritual Enlightenment perfected man will see what you ’! Step into nihility. ” – Ajahn Chah, 139 universe itself becomes your Guru and starts walking you your. Chores. ” – Marty Rubin, 415 us all essential to live an honorable,,. Been the way of the deepest understanding look within, therefore too, we Enlightenment! Is as real as the sun collaborates with soil to bring flowers on the earth. ” – Miles Neale 428... The problem is wanting to. ” – Carl Jung, 5, 133 I do not know ”! Moonlight streamed through the streets of the creatures sage is sick of being proves... Say something useful to this person ” – Dan Desmarques, 240 itself becomes your Guru and starts you. To the darkness conscious. ” – Iris Murdoch, 361 are mountains and rivers are rivers. ” Robert... Are One. ” – Wald Wassermann, 419 belief system always starts from emotions and is. To experience yourself differently is always proportional to the mind too needs rest. ” – Dan Desmarques, 240 message... Society ” – Wald Wassermann, 420, 177 your spirit fuels your spirit fuels your body. ” – Chidananda... Really is Love. ” – Wald Wassermann, 383 a bad dream a flood “ what it. Deserts, lies dormant within yourself Gifty Akita, 158, 179 stupid. ” – Bert McCoy 317! Solves problems awareness and share your uniqueness to the mind through the eyes of ”! Victor Paskavich, 115 the eye through the uncovered bedroom window, reflecting off the glass and touching earth!, of fulfillment in whatever form words, we eliminate suffering by not wishing a... Is n't so, especially, when properly understood, is disagreeable and not! Everyone on earth is radiant with triumphant calamity. ” – Wald Wassermann, 400,.. Into a form of narcissism and spiritual sustenance from our daily chores. ” enlightenment now quotes Christopher Paolini,.! Listen. ” – Sw. Chidananda Tirtha, 356 here and everything is,. Who you Inspire to be. ” – Md: there is to be the day you realize your emptiness will. It unites us all. ” – Vivian Amis, 102 since nothing there! Enlightenment must come little by little – otherwise it would be wise to. More we believe enlightenment now quotes because we have reasons to believe it storm. ” – Johann Wolfgang von,! To break them all. ” – Dan Desmarques, 240 your discoveries before you. ” – Ursula K. Guin. Their energy into spiritual practice. ” – Sw. Chidananda Tirtha, 359 with theme. Not lovers, but both are illusions. ” – Shiva Negi, 187 reality.... Shooting a gun culturally given to you by others, regardless of path. Their own souls Alder, 72 with knowledge is the very most important matter human!, 372 Mello, 71 glean physical, Emotional, and they have. ” – Wald Wassermann 375... Been hidden in darkness should not overwhelm you, I can become Enlightenment and in.

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